La Bella Vineyards & Winery

Wellington, Missouri



 La Bella's Snack/Food Options

 ****PLEASE always feel free to bring your own snacks/food to accompany our wines.**** 

Depending on the time of year and our availability we will have a variety of cheese(s), sausage, and crackers served on a tray to hold your appetite

Wood-fired brick oven pizza's

 Available only on SELECT Fri/Sat/Sun's (check event dates)

If you try them you won't forget. Why? Because you can always be certain that the sauce and dough will be made from scratch in-house that day. The ingredients will include the freshest we can get our hands on. We also bore easily resulting in a menu that rarely repeats itself. 

 We know you are going to love it! 

 ****NOTE: With only occasional pizza offerings check before making your plans by visiting our events calendar, La Bella Winery(s) Facebook, or by calling (816) 240-2404.****












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